Arkansas vs. Tennessee SEC tourney championship

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Present-there are 3 of us. Hoping to see Selig’s and Beaumont’s. We are presently in sec205.

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Heflin on 3 days rest and he has been very hittable all yr, 74 hits in 69 inn. we got 3hits and 3 runs on him in 6 innings in Tenn.

He threw everything off the outside corner,would love to see us get right on top of the plate where the barrel could reach those and try to drive everyrhing the other way,dare him to come inside and see if he can do it.We really need Franklin and Wallace to wake up today against the LH,they are 4-36 with 18 Ks the last 4-5 games so they are due and Mr Heflin will have to deal with Welch today as well.

3 days rest don’t give him much recovery time. Get him in trouble early and punish the ball! Man it would be nice to run him out in the first or second inning.

Need to crush that first good pitch!

yes if it’s in the zone,make them pay for getting pitches close enough for all these HR hitters to do damage.

We have to control their leadoff hitter, he sets the tone for them,Wiggins needs to get out of the 1st with no damage… would be huge for him… then start raking Heflin, jump on them early.

Are we the home team?

No. That’s why the topic title shows Arkansas first and why the lineups are the same.

I think we are visitors.

2 games in a row Visitors! Why?

I’d assume this one was a toss of the coin.

No, Tennessee had been the home team fewer times than Arkansas.

Did I tell you guys how much I hate these conference tourneys!

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Todd Walker picks against us again today… hmm hopefully he’s wrong again like he was picking Vandy…

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Todd Walker is an idiot. I could care less to pay attention to anything he says.

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So close.

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Love that approach by Franklin was on all those pitches.

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