Arkansas vs TCU game thread

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I’ll update when we have a projected start time, meanwhile:

Where do you go to listen?

I use the Arkansas Gameday app, although TuneIn has it too. Oh, and I use bluetooth to connect to a speaker so I can crank up the volume.

I use the tunein app

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Oh great, Gameday app is carrying Muss’ show on both baseball and basketball. I’m trying Tunein.

There is a link to Tunein within the Gameday app, or on the baseball schedule page on

Will have to get memory card so I can download it

Ole piss looks good, watched them play texass! They won 8-1.

Let’s give Kendall, Aaron and Mike at D1 Baseball something to think about tonight…

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After 1

Not very good base running there…and there

After 1.5

the frog SS just made a good play, but i sure hate then getting caught off first right after that. We were so close to having runners at the corners with 1 out. Cant win making those kinds of mistakes

why all the HBP? analytics or coaching or just aggressive pitchers?

not gonna get a close call for awhile now on pitches after HBP, been a tournament tradition

Don’t know if I see Lockhart being SEC quality Starter, about what I expected based on his ERA at Houston. Doesn’t really have any pitches that stand out.

After 2

Their pitcher has a 0 Era for his career at TCU dating back to his relief appearances last yr,got our work cut out for us