Arkansas vs. South Dakota

Pretty good game. Defense is doing great. Offense is coming in spurts.

The officials are awful on both sides. They killed Arkansas’ momentum twice and let one of their players flop twice and called it on us. Ugh!

incredible effort on defense!Shot selection very poor the last 5-6 min,need to get back to running the offense and yes the Refs are horrendous!

There have been some head scratching turnovers that have given S D some easy baskets. The offensive foul on Joe was just bad!
The foul trouble of Chaney and Bailey could become a factor late in the game.
“D” has been good.

We just need to understand who can score and get them the ball. Hero ball isn’t going to do it this year.

I like this play by play announcer. She is good.

Haha you’d think were losing reading a couple of posts. Shoot doesn’t this team like lead college bball in 3 point %? or close to it? There 1 for 6 defense is smothering them and the officals are terrible. Thought Muss was gonna flip and burst his cord. Crap everyone said this would be tight and we’ve been up 15 to 17 most of the half…chill people enjoy

Out of bounds. Ugh! I can officiate this better.

These officials are calling two separate games.

She is really is good!I like her.

Like the defensive intensity, not so much the offensive impatience.

Chaney has to be smarter,when you’re in foul trouble you have to play safer,and he has got to shoot the ball under the basket! Foul trouble could be a huge factor if not careful

2 airballs for harris…wow

Have to say Harris needs to get it out of his head that he shoots the 3 better…2 air balls usually you are what you are

South Dakota is selling out to stop drives to the basket and short jumpers. Our 3 point shooters need to show out now.

Whitt having a great game

Agree, he is calming, smooth(not the look of his shot) very effective

Sills’ head is not in the game.

Until now.

whitt is our offense tonight ,have to be more careful with the ball,refs are calling it too tight to be very aggresive

Sills needs to stop shooting the 3 so much also, he may have ended the year hot last year but he’s shooting bricks now