Arkansas vs. Power 5 teams

Somebody posted earlier today that they were surprised we haven’t played Clemson yet. Which got me thinking about our history against teams currently in Power 5 conferences. Not much of it, honestly, especially in regular season games. So I looked it up

vs Pac-12 – 3-6-1 (1-1-1 in bowl games)
vs. Big 12 (non-SWC schools, and SWC schools since 1992) – 37-14, largely from the days when Okie Lite was a WMS rent-a-win. We’re 21-4 vs. OSU, including games before they joined the Big Eight. Bowl record is 7-3.
vs. Big Ten – 1-6-1 (0-4 in bowls)
vs ACC – 1-6 (1-4 in bowl games)
vs Notre Dame – 0-0, series starts in September

That’s it, folks. Other than Okie Lite, the P5 schools we’ve played the most are Texas post-SWC, and USC (both five times each). We played the Aggies three times in Jerry World before they joined the SEC.

Trivia question without looking it up: Who did we beat in the Big Ten and ACC?

I seem to remember beating North Carolina in a bowl game that turned so foggy it was difficult to watch on TV.

Nope. I was there. Gator Bowl, 1981. People in the press box had to watch the game on TV (field level cameras only) because you could not see the ball for the fog. I can’t imagine what the fans in the stands were dealing with. But UNC saw the ball well enough to beat us 31-27. They also beat us in Charlotte after the '95 season.

Northwestern when they were God awful - I was there as a kid I think in 83

Yep. Dennis Green was the NW coach. It was actually the same season as the Fog Bowl with UNC, 1981. Score was 38-7. I had to go to their locker room for quotes afterward from Dennis and the players. That was years before his infamous NFL rant about letting the Bears off the hook.

And who was the current ACC team we beat?

Georgia Tech Gator Bowl?

Yup, GT in the Gator. Of course they were in the SEC then. Dad passed up that bowl trip. He asked them if he was going to get to play, they told him probably not, and he said OK, someone else can have my seat. Of course he was married by then. I was born 10 months after that bowl game, so I wasn’t conceived when he would have been in Jacksonville, but it would have made a good story :wink:

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I was at the Fog Bowl.I have virtually no memory of anything that happened on the field that night. Probably because I couldn’t see anything. That’s really surprising and pathetic that we have done so poorly against the ACC.

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