Arkansas vs. Penn State in Outback per Brett McMurphy

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Great marquee matchup! Very exciting.


This is excellent! Love it!


Best place (outlet) to find tickets?

that is just an incredible bowl for us, and a fun opponent, really could not ask for more than that. I’m still amazed that the job our coaches and players have done over the past 2 years. Incredible! Losing at home to San Jose State, WKU, UNT, etc. badly. to this, in under 2 seasons! and they coouldn’t hardly coach the kids for a lot of 2020, due to a pandemic.




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I was hoping to play someone with some name cache. This would be a great win, if we pull it off—which I think we can.

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Very few left available through Ticketmaster.

Has this been announced by Outback or Arkansas?

I have not seen it, but Penn State media is also reporting they are going to Outback to play Arkansas.

Somewhere I see an Aggie tantrum behind the scenes – they are entitled to the Citrus so they can have a Yell Practice at Disney World, and the Citrus Bowl so wants to be a part of all of their bizarre traditions; and that means Kentucky has to go to Outback. And if not, they want Outback over Arkansas.

Interesting that I am not seeing any media reports about Aggies in the Gator Bowl…

I bet there’s a back room fight going on.

That’s what concerns me A&M has gotten their way over Arkansas in SEC politics

I think they’ve been put in the timeout room a lot this year after they had a meltdown and threw all of their toys out of their toy box when they found out the big bully down the street was being allowed to join their conference…

And I bet they are again today.

Now being reported Aggies to Gator…I think Arkansas or Outback should be breaking the news soon based on that.

I guess the Ags had to dry it up and go make the most of it in Jacksonville.

Nothing official yet just speculation

That would be a good game for us because we can get some good game film off of their game with Auburn

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If you go to the link in the McMurphy tweet, they have continually updated all of the bowls, and all are now shown as confirmed according to this source.

Also have betting lines for each. 11 of the 13 SEC teams are favored, including Hogs - 1.5 according to Action.

Mizz and S. Car only teams not favored.

I hope the source is right. We already booked reservations in Tampa. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Penn St. beat Auburn and they realize Auburn beat us at home
So…we’ve got some work to do ourselves!