Arkansas vs. ORU Part 2

Starting this over an hour early.

If Arkansas wins the rebounding battle like last time and the turnover battle, the game won’t even be close.

If Arkansas turns the ball over a lot like Florida did, that will open up the shooters of ORU and we’ll have problems.


I’m remarkably calm. That will end in a couple of minutes. GHG

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May be foolish but I feel confident of a win to complete calmness. Play our game and move on to elite eight. WPS

Not playing well!

Defense we are getting lucky and offense we aren’t getting any movement.

Like always
Just need to make shots
We have had good looks and have not hit them

Surely we didn’t overlook our sweet sixteen matchup ORU Golden Eagles?! Whatever the reason, we need to pick up the intensity!!

I doubt it. We’ve started horribly in every game this tournament.

amazes me how we come out playing so bad, have given them the mojo they need

Henderson doesn’t know how to defend those screens.

Take away the 3’s and they have nothing.

We need to attack the basket and stop dancing around.

We are getting worked right now.
Muss will fix it

Well here we go again

They have their confidence and swagger now

We look tight

Only good thing I can say right now is if we do make it past this game then Baylor will most likely be overlooking us for their final four matchup. I much prefer being the underdog to this nonsense today. Pick up the dang intensity hogs!!

Well we are getting inside so we can brick ‘high percentage’ shots meanwhile ORU is banging from 30.

we keep trapping they will continue to be wide open

We’re shooting 18%

Rough start shooting by our hogs. Maybe they can find the defense to slow down the 3 point line ORU has started hit form 3.

great shot by Tate lets go!!

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ORU 45% from 3…gotta defend it better

Hearing thunder, and storm warning. Hope I don’t lose my satellite.

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They’re not doing bad defending it, but anyone who drives to the middle will draw more than one defender and it’s killing us at the moment.