Arkansas vs. Orange 1 Basket Bassano game thread

Hey guys, wanted to drop a handy link for today’s game – LIVE STATS

• There should be a drop-down on the live stats page to change the language to English.

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When does the game start?

12:30 p.m. Central

How abt live video?! Lol jk thanks for the info!!


Better looking gym than the one in Barcelona


I think the one in Barca was basically a community rec center.

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I really like this facility a lot, thank you for posting, love that light!

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Nick is just ridiculous!

I see the Bakken Bears beat the mighty Drexel Dragons earlier, 70-63.

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41-30 Hogs at half

Whole lot closer than I thought it would be at the half.

Too many silly turnovers and a broken rim. Dunk the ball, Mitchell twins!

OT - The local commercials I’m getting on the Flo broadcast are in Bowling Green KY. Not sure why

There’s been a lot of “accidental” punches by the Orange team. We haven’t retaliated yet but I thought we might a few times.

Not watching again, but the box score at the live stats site indicates we’re not taking care of the orange as Clark Kellogg would say. Not taking care of the Orange1 either.

(Orange1 seems to be a European conglomerate that produces things like electric motors and aluminum die casting)

we have missed about five or six layups. Sloppy ball Handling and inconsistent defense.We will eventually pull away by a pretty good margin probably but I’m sure Muss is frustrated that this game is this close considering this team got beat by 45 by Elon

Lot of turnovers too