Arkansas vs. Oral Roberts

Sloppy game.

ORU is a good defensive team, but we are missing easy shots and forcing shots when we don’t need to.

Vanover is more of a problem so far than a help. Rest of the team needs to speed it up and run ORU out of the gym.

yep. Missing a lot of under the basket shots. ORU is no pushover either…

Well. We are certainly playing like it’s the week between finals and Christmas vacation. Time to get it together giys


They’re giving us the lane but we keep passing it out for a 3! JUST STOP!!!

Justin Smith has missed his last 10 3’s. Now 2 - 13 for the year. Career 25% 3 PT shooter. I’d rather have someone else taking those shots.

Smith turning it over also

GET VANOVER OUT!!! He’s crippling us against ORU

I remember DJ Weaver was considered a Hog lock until the knee injury. Played with the Sills, Henderson, Joe, Perry led Hawks.

One word…sloppy!

Sills seems to be the only one to understand that they are giving us open driving lanes if we’d just take them.

Where the heck is the pace in our space and pace system. We’ve walked the ball down the court this entire game!

Smith has missed at least 6 bunnies.

Stiffer competition and well coached ORU team. We are struggling.

Our pace is awful! The mental on off switch is amazing to me of players. I realize there is a lot going on right now. But they are checked out solidly.

This is Heathish at best.

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That last play has been there ALL GAME LONG!!! We are ice cold from 3, so stop shooting 3’s.

ORU is a good team, but we are making them look like a top 10 team because we are playing stupidly.

Everyone kept gushing over Vanover, and God bless him, I know he’ll do better, but when he was on the floor, it was 4-6. He is a stone with ball movement and blocked out a lot of our players on offense and defense.

We need speed to start the 2nd half. We should run them out of the gym the whole second half.

There is a lid on the rim too because we’ve missed some easy shots.

Well that was pathetic. Shooting is terrible. Better turn up the intensity in the second half or this will be loss number 1. Cannot believe we continue to miss so many shots at the rim.

Yea well that applies to ORU too.

I hope Muss is yelling and throwing things in the locker room. He needs to tell them they are dangerously close to staying on campus and practicing over their Christmas break.

Defense, defense is the way to snap out of this and get our “pace” going.

Geez guys. Come one. Stressing about every play? We were sloppy. Can’t go oin all game. That made there 3s. Can’t go on all game. We have a better coach and better players. These things work themselves out. If you’re stressing about this game then forget about postseason.

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Not stressing, just can’t understand why we aren’t taking what ORU is giving us. We are trying to force 3’s to go down and are missing assignments on defense.