Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Gafford making a lot of silly mistakes early on defense, but he is making his free throws on offense.

Disagree about FT, we are 8-11, they are 7-7, we’ve hit more than they took

The issue is jacking up threes. Dribble penetration is the key

We are making their big guy look like a freaking All-American with all these layups over our guards.unreal.

Ole Miss is not this good. We are lazy on rebounds today and watching the ball on offense. This is ridiculous!!!

My point wasn’t amount but reasons Ole Miss got them.

Sloppy Sloppy Sloppy.

We aren’t valuing the ball this game and just playing lackadaisical. I’m shocked, I thought guys would come out with a sense of urgency and value the ball, most of these turnovers are unforced.

We got to get some men.

Right now, we are doing better with Gafford on the bench.

Intensity isn’t a man/boy issue. We are just not putting the effort in on rebounds.

Ole Miss is beating us on rebounds and that’s unacceptable.

Ole Miss getting to many open shots.

Laziness. That’s all this is. Now we are having to come from behind again because we gave Ole Miss about 16 points off pure laziness.

Gabe has made some good shots and kept us close but it tends to make him think he’s a offensive player and he’s just not

Davis with a wide-open 3 who really hurt now they have a double-digit lead at the half

Anderson needs to start our bench because they are the ones sparking our offense. Gafford has made way too many mental gaffes on defense. Joe and Jones have gotten caught off guard on defense. Harris is playing out of control on offense.

We need to come out and get on a hot run. We can’t wait till the last 10 minutes to make a push and get close.

Get fired up and crash those boards!!!

Our FT’s are good and our bench is doing very well.

Seeing same trend lately whether we play at home or on the road, we are digging ourselves out of a hole. Start the game with cold shooting and turnovers and opponents guards killing us. Our FT shooting is better today. Ole Miss even better though.

Edit :
Start the 2nd half with turnover, OM score, we foul they score. Etc.

I watched the SEC Storied last night. “40 minutes of hell”
What Noland put together was amazing! Makes what I’m watching even harder. I know we are young. I keep telling myself that. I do have a hard time though, accepting the inexperienced part of young. These guys have been playing ball for a long time. I do understand that the level of play in the SEC is different and much better than HS. But c’mon, it’s shouldnt be like you’re learning to play the game. I guess I’m expecting too much from this YOUNG team. They just seem lost out there at times.
I may be completely off base here, but I just don’t see a lot of confidence out there right now.
We will probably come out at half time and pick it up, (I hope), but I wish we were expending all that energy in expanding a lead, not trying to dig out of a hole.
Go hogs!!

Good job guys!!! Keep up the intensity!!!

Yes, we don’t have much energy today other than Gabe.

Got momentum and drop a wide open 15 ft airball and medicine ball layup into the side of the rim. We are still in it but our zero court awareness and constant dumbness is killing us. Just over the top laziness and dumbness with the ball.