Arkansas vs. Ole Miss

Just putting it up now because of the early game tomorrow.

For Arkansas, just put it together. We’ve strung along a few good minutes/halves this SEC season, but we’ve yet to put together a complete game. It starts Saturday.

Defending Ole Miss: Stop their guards and keep them off the FT line. If we foul or get called for fouls like we did against Tennessee, Ole Miss will kill us at the line. Their guards are the heart of the team, especially Tyree and Davis. Stop their heart and you stop them. Their an aggressive team, so we have to be careful on the switches and not leave one of these guards open for 3.

Offensively: GET IT TO GAFFORD!!! They have only one guy physical enough to compete with Gafford, but he’s not athletic enough to hang with him. With that said, help side defense is going to be crucial for Ole Miss, so Chaney and Bailey need to be ready to put in some points and open up the offense for our guards.

Ole Miss is coming off a home loss so they’ll be ready. We have got to answer early and keep them on their heels instead of trying to catch up in the second half.

I agree with your point on defending OLe Miss, but tell what defensive stalwarts do we have at guard that are going to shutdown Davis and Tyree. As with so many of our past teams, we don’t seem to have guards that can stop dribble penetration. I don’t suddenly see that changing against Ole Miss. But its a nice strategy and I hope we can execute.

Sills is our best on ball defender. The other guards aren’t bad, but Sills is by far our best defensive guard.

All defense is not one on one man to man. There are ways to stop them.

General, I actually disagree with you about that. Watching the past few games (especially the LSU game), Embery-Simpson was the best defender. Sills is right with him, but if you go back and watch LSU, when Embery-Simpson was guarding him (Waters), and the switch would happen and Sills ended up on him they’d get a stop, however, if any other guard switched, he’d make a play. The issue with Embery-Simpson and Sills against their guards is I don’t think they’re good enough offensively, YET

I understand. I’m not worried about guards fouling. I’m worried about our bigs fouling their guards, especially Tyree who can get to the basket. We can’t seem to find that happy medium: either we sag to deep and are slow to rotate leaving wide open threes or we are up in their face and allowing dribble penetration.

Schuler has been providing some spark for Ole Miss as well. Tyree took a stumble a few games back and isn’t quite 100% that’s in our favor. Davis is coming off a poor shooting game so he will do his normal thing against the hogs 20 points and +10 rebounds. Stevens can hit 3 if he is left wide open. Like all of you have noted Ole Miss will kill the hogs a the free throw line if you commit stupid fouls. Play defense without fouling and rebound the basketball.

Feed Gafford and get them in foul trouble.
Jones can get Davis in foul trouble is he drives the ball to the hole. Olenechik will make a few baskets but Gafford can send him to the bench early!

I think the hogs will start a winning streak this weekend and we see them beat Ole Miss, Missouri and Texas Tech! Texas Tech lost to Iowa State a few nights ago and the only Tech player in double figures was Culliver.

There’s still time for our hogs to get things figured out.

Fair enough. I’ll take both being good defenders.

Do something to win…

If we just played strictly man to man we would be a much better defensive team every game but we try to trap the ball so much it’s going to leave wide open shots no matter who we play we just have to hope they don’t hit them.

If we just played strictly man to man we would be a much better defensive team every game but we try to trap the ball so much it’s going to leave wide open shots no matter who we play we just have to hope they don’t hit them.



Gafford has got to stop doubling up.

Silly turnovers and Gafford doing what I was afraid of.

I can’t believe it…standing around on offense and no defense…why is Gafford trying to trap?

And we get good Gabe and bad Gabe. Makes a basket and draws a charge, then missed an open player for 2 and turns the ball over.

These refs have different opinions of what constitutes a block. We’ve cleanly blocked theirs and its a foul, they foul us and it’s clean.

Ole Miss has scored 12 points off switches, mostly against Gafford. Gotta tighten up those switches. That and FT are the only reason Ole Miss is winning.

Making FT’s at a better clip but 28% from the field won’t cut it.