Arkansas vs Ole Miss Super Regional game 2

Boom!!! by Fletch 2 run bomb!!


After the Rebnecks gave us a gift with the infield brain fart. Score should be 0-0 with Fletch leading off the second.

!@!@!!@!@ Noland gettingthe ball up!! another stinking HR!!! I was afraid of this :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Should’ve started Wick, Noland is scary to me for that reason. He gives up too many HRs.

Not impressive so far

He floats absolute Meat right across the plate for the best hitters consistently, it drives me insane.

We’re fine. Connor settled down.

You know that off 2 pitches?

Hope you’re right.

If it looks bad again to start the second they better yank him and put acroggins in

we can’t have the bottom of the order going 3 up 3 down everytime they can hit this guy! Noland better get it together.

Get him out, Jesus christ

:evil: :evil: :evil: another HR

Noland simply hasn’t been consistent enough. Maybe our BP can slow them down & our offense can get to Nikhazy

Ramage? I don’t understand that, he’s been pretty bad all year imo, also gives up too many HRs

This is where we need to trust the coaches. They know more than we do.

What a difference a great pitcher makes!!!
No pitching so far!

Can’t walk these batters. No way to defend against walks & HBP’s.

Of course they do.

But so far… ramage isn’t looking too hot.

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: stinking umpire ain’t giving us nothing I feel another bomb coming soon Ramage has left balls up already

Get ramage out now before we regret leaving him in… please