Arkansas vs. Ole Miss, SEC tourney game 13

This game is getting the midweek treatment. This is the first time Arkansas has used that lineup against a conference opponent.

Maybe this will gets some bats going. Some interesting moves.

It might be a move to get some bats going, or it might be strictly looking to next week. DVH would like to win today, but he’s not going to sacrifice next week to do it. I doubt Connor goes very long regardless of how well he’s throwing.

Well number of wins or seed matters today we are the visitor again!

more proof that we don’t care about this tournament he has the B team in…geesh and Ezell starts off with a K about his 8-9th one in the last 4-5 games.

That’s a typical Casey Martin AB. On a
2-1 count swing at a ball high and inside that would have been ball 3 and the next pitch weak ground out for the out! The first pitch of the game was called a strike but it appeared to be inside and up a little. Poor start at the plate again.
I don’t like the lineup changes but it really don’t matter.

I still hope the hogs win so Denton might get a chance to start tomorrow!

yeah that’s right Heston swing at a neck high FB for strike 3 whew!!! this team is out to lunch at the plate.guy is throwing 80% CB

I know it’s still early, but man, still struggling at the plate.

Fabulous play by Kenley that was a very hard play and a fast man running

I don’t think DVH is playing this to win!
McFarland takes 2 strikes and then half swing fly ball to right field. Plunkett fly ball and Washington fly ball. Equals 3 up 3 down and our offense stinks.
At least the 3 addictions to the lineup put the ball in play and avoided the K!

we’re making this guy look like Cy young! has started almost every hitter with a CB over the plate and nobody has swung at it…maybe the 2nd time thru we can start to look like the offense we capable of.We have lost about 10 pts off team ave in the last week.

The home plate umpire made another bad call. The 0-2 pitch to Ole Miss 8 hole hitter was a heck of a lot better then the first strike he called on Ezell in his first AB! Typical and led to the first walk!

thank you Matt Goodheart!! maybe that will wake us up!

That was a relief to see the hogs score 2!

just can’t get the big hit,could have put the game away righ there. :evil:

Noland seems to be pitching well enough, but like a lot of games he’s started, we just don’t seem to give him much run support.
At least it seems that way to me.

thats a HR in Baum

Especially when we are letting strikes just go by and swing at balls. SMH