Arkansas vs Ole Miss CWS semi-final game 1

I don’t want nothing outside the box with the season on the line… I agree Jeff …WTH!

Well I mean Taylor only gave up one hit doesn’t mean it’s time to take him out he was pitching his tail off

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Ok 300 tomorrow everybody! I feel fine but Covid has me kind of tired so I’m going to bed

I agree. I was all for letting Taylor go the distance since he had proven he could throw strikes.

But, Morris certainly saved us.

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I get why you take Taylor out. Got the closer in pen. This was 2nd time they had seen him.

Tygart will be a factor tomorrow

WPS!!! Yes!!!

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But, do we burn Conner for the rest of the week? Tygart needs to get some less stressful work. I mean, can Conner throw tomorrow and still be available for the weekend?

Yes and they had not even come close to touching him, one base hit does not mean he’s not effective anymore… we roll the dice and it almost cost us

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Your season’s on the line and the guy they’re throwing tomorrow I’m just telling you it’s absolutely nasty! We will have to have our best to try to match him and it’s not going to be easy because they hit Connor very well in Fayetteville 11 hits 4 runs 8 inn.

He’s been throwing the ball exceptionally well though he’s our best chance

Honestly don’t see any way we can go any further

They have the pitching advantage tomorrow

Smith spent
McEntire spent
Taylor likely spent
Tygart is vacationing on Mars

But this has to be a bit of a gut punch to Ole Miss

And Lord only knows what we could possibly do pitching wise for finals. But no reason to worry about that part

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Welp. I’m super worried now but at least we live to play on.

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Yes stinking Oklahoma is setting back there loving all this

I think Connor has this, Billy. Where our pitching comes from this weekend…no idea.

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He would not be available unless we went to Game 3 of Finals, and that would still be pushing it

I think we have to be in their heads some now. Get an early lead and watch them panic.

Hogs get the best of Ole Miss when it counts. It’s what we do!


He is by far our best option Jeremy, he keeps the ball down when he’s on and that’s what you need against the team like this, our biggest problem is going to be finding a way to get some runs off of Delucia, who beat us in Fayetteville and I don’t think he’s giving up a run in about 30 innings

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I just want a shot at Oklahoma!

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Ledbetter is coming on strong. I trust him late.


That is a kid who I liked earlier in the year but he never really got a shot but he looks great! Very good fastball and a breaking ball that the bottom falls out of.

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Just checked the weather for tomorrow afternoon, wind should be blowing in again. We just need to throw strikes.