Arkansas vs Ole Miss CWS semi-final game 1

He has got to learn to throw that breaking ball for a strike, not even close

Walk to elko isn’t the worst thing


And here we go…
Oh those bases on balls….

The 2-2 pitch was strike 3

Great first inning, like what I see he’s committing the fastball on the inside and outside just got to get that breaking ball worked in there to keep them honest

Note to self:



No damage through 1. Now let’s create some offense

We have to go up there looking for the breaking ball, he doesn’t look like he throws hard enough to throw it by us

Good Inning by Hagen. That shouldn’t have been a walk

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Fastball heavy so far

Gotta move it around

Yes indeed. Walking Elko is better than many of the alternatives.

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Boom!!! Lanzili saving his best for Omaha!!

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Yes Lanzilli! Pour it on, Hogs!


She gone!


Guys only throwing 88 mph go up there looking for the off speed he can’t throw it by you

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She way gone…no doubt…


Great start for the 2d inning. Now let’s get some more. Still no outs

Brady due…

Okay we got one… second time to the order I think we will do better… Hagan needs to come out Sharp shut them down right here

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