Arkansas vs Ole Miss CWS semi-final game 1

Let’s come out swinging and get Hagen two or three runs tonight… I want to get them in a close game and see how they handle it. Actually I want to beat the crap out of them but if it’s a close game I think that plays into our favor with the better defense


Arkansas game notes

I have very low expectations for this game so I’m hoping I’m pleasantly surprised… instead of badly disappointed…

Yes way to go webb! We have to get him in now

Yes but Stovall could t move Webb up to 3rd.

But 2 quick outs behind it

He’s hanging those curve balls guys just take it the other way

Well that sucked!!!

another missed opportunity…

Well that was deflating

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Not surprised. Left handed junk pitcher. We are screwed

Very deflating. A quick run would have been big. Hate wasting a leadoff double.

Smith has got to come out Sharp and not let them get any momentum

We will probably know pretty quick how this is gonna go

The second time through the order I think we will do better

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I turned the tv off. It’s better for me to check in periodically. I was amazed at the balls that were not swung at. I don’t have their view but man some looked like they were right down the middle. No time to be observing pitches go by.

2 easy outs. Need 1 more

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It’s amazing how little they know about these pictures he normally throws 95 plus Peterson saying 91 usual for him… it’s crazy