Arkansas vs Oklahoma St Regional game 4

Are we home or visitor? I’m watching Michigan-Louisville, winner’s bracket game in UL ballpark, and Meechigan is the home team (and leads 7-2).

Just an FYI, I will be leaving for a quick trip to Las Cruces, NM tomorrow morning, out and back in 3 days. I won’t be able to post anything, so maybe @MattJones will post lineups for y’all.

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Visitor is on the left, and thus Arkansas “at” oSu.

Okey (Lite) dokey.

Hagen will have to avoid trying to throw that get over fastball for a strike on the first pitch against these guys they are really aggressive and will be looking to attack that based on what I saw last night.Hopefully he will mix his pitches up real well on first pitch. I really hope he has an umpire that doesn’t have a tight strike zone. Go get em young man we need you.

Boom!!! That’s what I’m talking about Brady

That’s a great idea Turner a little more speed you’d have had it brother

I’m listening to Phil and Bubba. Refuse to buy ESPN +. Yet…

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This guy is going to challenge us if we go up there to hit I think we can hit some bombs off of him

You cannot start walking these hitters!!! Especially after you get the first two strikes

I know, Dave has to have him on a very short leash if can’t throw strikes.

started 0-2 & then walked him on 4 straight pitches. Can’t have that.

And a wild pitch to boot.

And now a WP advances the runner

That is maddening

As is the wild pitch

Just cannot understand it

Now our defense is already giving them a run and the wheels are already starting to come unwound

Gifted a run and probably more!

Oh well. That 1 run lead didn’t last long.

We are so freaking fragile

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