Arkansas vs. Oklahoma (Shriners Classic)

Because this is an away game, I may not get the lineups until the game starts. I will post as soon as they are available.
And as soon as I posted that …

Play ball.

Game is on Channel 674 on Directv

Yes sir! It appears we may be in for a pitching duel.

Cavalli is so good. Teams rarely get to him the first time through the order. He looks locked in right now.

Guy hasn’t throwing a breaking ball for a strike yet… we are swinging at pitches nowhere near the strike zone… Martin made up his mind to swing before the pitch was ever thrown.

Yes sir!

I think Optiz took a cut at ball 4 with the 3-1 count. This OU pitcher can bring it! Maybe they will get to him in another couple of innings. I hope Connor Noland and keep the pace.

We have to make him throw strikes…

U hang it they bang it.

Connor made a mistake to both of those hitters and he paid for it. If he can get out of here just allowing 1 run it would be nice.
Well that’s damage control.
Now let’s see what Moore can do at the plate!

If he gets that kind of strike we’re going to be in trouble cuz that ball was a foot inside

Moore shows you how you hit this guy…

I had to turn on Phil and Bubba. It’s way too hard to score a game when watching TV these days. The TV commentators never say what happens since they figure you can see it. That means that when I score, I can never glance away from the screen.

BTW, Phil gets it right when the live stats don’t.

Sounds like Nolan doesn’t have it today listening on radio

Just gave them a run and we sure didn’t need to do that the way we’re hitting the ball. Hopefully the second time through the order we will actually make him throw strikes and take advantage of it

The home plate umpire is horrible. The called third strike he made on Webb was inside the batter box with him.

He’s leaving pitches right in the middle of the zone and they’re doing what good teams do their smoking it.

We need to learn to hit this OU pitcher. Not good being down 2-0. One infield single with 2 outs is all we’ve done.

That was embarrassing it was so bad. He just called another one on Kjerstad about 6 inches off the plate