Arkansas vs NMSU

Game 2 of 6. Go Hogs!

I hate it when the game’s overlap. Let’s Go hogs;

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How’s baseball going, Billy?

Let’s go, I’m all ready!! WPS!

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We ahead 6-2


I’m seeing 7:48 tipoff.

Zebras are Pat Adams, Terry Oglesby and Michael Greenstein. We’re 1-0 with Greenstein, 9-4 with Oglesby and 43-38 with Adams.

Man I didn’t see tenn going down, actually had them in the final 4.

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That shocked me too. Got the lab in place, Marc?

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Come on guys settle down and get a freaking good shot playing totally out of control

Little tight.

Awesome defense there by Tony

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Yes! WPS

We’re setting for long range shots! WPS

Hey to their credit those guys are playing great defense we’re going to have to pass the ball move it back around and get a good shot
I don’t think you going to have a lot of success dribbling against that defense you going to pass it to get them out of position

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C’mon guys attack the rim draw some fouls! WPS

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This was my fear. Tight. Taking and missing 3’s. Great D! Need to score though…

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We look scared

Oh yeah I do, beer to.

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I would say tight.

Let’s post up Stanley or Jaylin.

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Going to be tougher tonight because they have a big guy down there