Arkansas vs. Mizzou

Looks like we aren’t going to get a call from the officials tonight.

Desk must think he is 7 ft tall. How many times does he drive the hole and get slammed?

Looks that way. They just knocked Gafford to the floor. No call.

Arkansas’ keeps getting the ball halfway down and then it pops out. Mizzou has the opposite happening.

I hate the way we play defense

Always leaving a wide open three. I could hit those they are so open

The refs are the least of our problems right now. Lack of execution on both ends is our problem especially on defense. This team has to understand that defense is what will win them games until offense improves.

Finally starting to get some ball movement. Keep working it down low men.

They have been beating up on Gafford and not one call.

Yes much better on offense.

Who are we going to beat with Gabe and Bailey on floor together. Where is Chaney?

Please take Sills out of the game, foul machine and keeps losing his man. Cost us two 3 pointers.

I’m not sure what he is bringing to the court lately. I mean what does he hang his hat on?

He’s our best ball handler next to Harris, and he’s fast as a cat.

Do I dare make an observation about rebounding?

Chaney is the most under utilized player we have by far

I agree but he needs to bring it every game. I just haven’t seen much from him… however I did like his agreesive drive to basket where he got fouled

Inconsistency on all aspects of the game. It’s a clustered mess.

Some of y’all saying we will be better next year better wake up. Daniel is all the scoring we have. Chaney is awkward, gets his stuff blocked or travels way too often.

I guess the freedom of movement rule only applies to Arkansas. Body blocks are running rampant

I’ve never said we’ll be better, but we will definitely be faster in our play and that COULD, I stress COULD be beneficial in some ways.