Arkansas vs. Mizzou

Just want to see a complete game and victory of course. They can do it, we’ve seen them do it, I just want to see it tonight.

I’ll be watching the game but unavailable to post during the game, so everyone will get a reprieve from me for the evening.

We should and need to win this game, if we are going to turn this season around it needs to start tonight. Don’t always agree with your take, but I do enjoy reading them as a different prospective always makes me think and consider. Go Hogs,WPS

They better whave n tonight or they will be getting a lot closer to the cellar in conference play.
It’s starts with the defense and ends there. You can’t win and give up uncontested layups and wide open 3’s all night.
We all know in the first 3 to 4 minutes after tip off.
Hoping for a win. It at this point nothing will surprise me.

We were well into the 20s assist wise our first few games. I want to see us sharing the ball. Wish we’d run Dan out of the high post and he looks to dish out. The line for tonight has moved from 4.5 to 7. Love our chances but want to use this game to get better for Tech. We can win that game

We can win but will they play with energy like they did against Indiana or will they play soft on defense and foul 35 times or will they build a wall.
On offense will they have movement and share the ball and will Gafford move around from the high post, low post and even baseline. The offense in half court for the hogs will be critical tonight. Make free throws and don’t put Missouri om the free throw line.

Arkansas is a heavy favorite so I expect we will win. However, there is no guarantee that we will win just because I believe will will.

You on the money Army,defense is the key, there is absolutely no reason we are not a good defensive team as we have every attribute to play defense other than the desire. The only thing that can offset a poor offensive night is defending and making stops. Early in the season we were a effective team and won games, but good coaches have figured out how to stop our production but we as a team and coaching staff have not adjusted to what they are doing to us. Good defensive efforts are rewarded with more possessions and not falling behind on bad offensive games, I could care less what defensive set we use as long as it’s effective and I also don’t give a rip about which personnel is on the floor,we have tried winning with our best offensive players and it’s not working so let’s try with our best defensive squad. WPS

I think the 3-point line could be big tonight. In SEC games only, Missouri is third in the league in 3-point shooting at nearly 39 percent. Mark Smith, who played at Illinois last season, is shooting 48 percent from deep through four conference games. Jordan Geist is also going to get his 3s up. He hit 4/5 at Texas A&M.

Missouri is second among SEC teams defending the 3, too. Teams are shooting 29.5 percent against them, and Arkansas has been pretty poor from deep so far.

On another note, Arkansas getting Jeremiah Tilmon in foul trouble would be a plus. He’s fouled out twice in conference, and the Tigers are 8-1 this year when he scores 10-plus points.

Is like to see the whole team be consistent on defense and that includes rebounding!
After the Ole Miss game some folks were really impressed with Gabe. Sure he scored but look at his turnovers and what happened immediately after those turnovers stupid fouls that sent Ile Miss to the charity stripe. Something has to click.

I think you should watch Gabe more. Yes, he’s made mistakes, but if he’s “on” he’s actually one of our better players. It’s when he’s “off” that people get irritated.

I actually was thinking about the post about defense earlier today. Honestly, I think the best five on ball defenders and a team that could slow an opponents scoring way down is Sills, Simpson, Bailey, Gabe, and Chaney (yes I know some would put Gafford, but Gafford likes to take his time on switches and ends up on guards 25 ft from the basket, Chaney communicates better and switches faster to get out of those situations (IMO)). But those five could probably hold other teams to an avg of a point a minute (5 FG’s in a 10 min span). Problem with that lineup is when we have the ball, who scores? All five have shown flashes during the season, but if you notice, if any four of those five are on the court, either Jones or Joe is always the fifth, and they get double teamed on the offensive end.

Gabe fouls 70 feet from the basket in almost every game at least once.
If he could play defense without fouling it would be nice. He has stopped shooting the three. He also needs to stop trying to force post entry passes from the corner with a triple team on Gafford.
Until they actually play some good defense for more than 5 minutes it isn’t good enough. They take breaks. All of them take breaks.
Let’s see how they start tonight.
What’s so irritating about this team they should have only lost 2 games. Poor free throw shooting and rebounding. Soft defense on a 3 point shot in the Texas game. Let’s see if they have learned to win!

You’re correct about 2 losses. You’re also right about taking breaks.

However, Gabe shooting the three is the absolute right decision. When they leave him that wide open, he has to shoot it. If he hits, it draws guys out of the lane, allowing more “spacing” and Gafford one on one opportunities. It also allows him to drive when the defender is out of position, something he is actually good at (he just doesn’t always finish). If he catches the ball wide open for a three and just holds it to look for another option, the other teams five will just guard our four. He has to shoot that shot.

Your right our best defensive five will struggle to score no doubt, but those scorers sitting on the bench might build some desire to play better defensively. If it doesn’t build that desire leave them sitting and send a message from this day forward you play defense or you don’t start at Arkansas ! WPS

I actually agree Mike needs to send them a message, but I’m not sure benching the scorers will help the team. Maybe Mike needs to copy Nolan and go strollin.

I can’t over emphasize the fact that we have some scrubish talent on our roster should not have been offered

If I had the time I’d like to do a study of the first 5 minutes of each game and our shooting choices and shooting %. I’m willing to bet we take a lot of jumpers and a lot of 3s and we don’t hit many. Seems like every game we start cold and are behind.

It sure can’t hurt, what do we have to lose, by doing nothing you send a message that says that we can’t afford to play without you and that will lead to MA demise. WPS

Tillman catches the ball gets an assist for the 3 in the corner and he was out of bounds when he caught the pass. Before the assist.

Maybe I should stay off the boards during the game and good things will happen?

As soon as Gafford made that circus shot to end the half, I knew we’d win.

I think that’s the best idea you’ve ever had :wink: :lol: