Arkansas vs. Mississippi State should be a barn burner

Arkansas is 13 in the SEC in Total Defense…MSU is 12. Arkansas is 11 in Total Offense…MSU is 10th per the stats I reviewed. Their coach is on a warm seat…that being Joe Moorhead. Our coach, Chad Morris, is sitting on a bunsen burner turned up to a blue flame.

This is a battle to claim the title of the worst team in the SEC West…the loser will win this title. We know we are worse than Vanderbilt, but we have a chance to restore a tiny shred of dignity with a win. After watching the Maroons play 2-3 times, I have come to the conclusion they are a little better than us on offense because Schrader is a good runner and a fair, at best passer, and they have a good tailback. They run an RPO offense that will give our poor defense fits.

The defense at Mississippi State is piss poor, about like ours. If somehow we can get decent quarterback play, we could win this game. We are pretty evenly matched, I think, but the difference could be the small home field advantage our small crowd may provide.

A victory for Chad Morris may save his job which may or may not be a blessing. I love the Hogs and hope they win. One of these days we will be good again. I hope I am alive to see it. Go Hogs Go!!!

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We probably won’t get good QB play if we go with Hicks! If however we go with JSJ we have a chance.

One game should not be deciding factor in whether Morris stays or not. It should be whether the team has made noticeable improvement from 1 year to the next, which we all know it hasn’t! If we were 4-4 it would be different but we aren’t.

Question for me is are our coaches good enough to put a game plan together to win the darn game. It won’t happen, but try to rout them. I have lost all confidence is this staff in all 3 phases of the game. Sad but true. We’ve lost 2 games we should have won. Heck we’re nearing the end of year 2 and we can’t decide on a quarterback. Comedy of errors is all I see on the field. Poor coaching all around. We have as much talent as MSU. We should win at home but we’re 7 point dogs for a reason. Coaching.