Arkansas vs. Mercer

“We’re fortunate to only be down 8” is something I didn’t think I would hear tonight, but it’s true.

Good: Defense is actually better than the score says. Mercer has gotten lucky on offense a good number of times.

Bad: Offense has no flow. Lots of pointless passes and guys not moving without the ball.

Ugly: We got guys, Notae especially, trying to take the game over by themselves. WE don’t need that. We have talent and good players, we just need to trust each other.

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I wouldn’t say that. They’ve gotten open shots but they haven’t gone in. Mercer has gotten open shots and a good percentage has gone in. That’s all.

They need to play some defense. That’s where it starts. The offensive end is ugly and they will improve! The free throw line has been a chore!

I figure Muss will get then on track at halftime

I did. Mercer will be in the NCAA tourney.


Devo 0 pts 4 turnovers at the half.

Make it 5. I’m giving him 2 for that terrible behind the back pass. Ugh…

If we keep playing the same way in the second half like we played in the first half, we’re toast….I agree our intensity on defense has to improve……
Other than Notae, where are our offensive players…no one has really stood out.

The good news is college basketball still has two halves. I think we’re going to get it sorted out in the second half.

We’ll learn a lot this half, especially the first 5 minutes.

The start of the half want terrible but as we missed shots and free throws and continued to let Mercer get good looks from 3 the hole grew and Mercer suddenly has confidence! Being down at the half isn’t all bad ! I hope CEM gets in their rear ends and give the players a wake up call!

Hopefully we will wear them down and there 3 pt shooting percentage will drop drastically.

yeah I’m trying to figure out who can score? we look very unorganized on offense,going to take a while I guess.

Only 5 total assists in the 1st half for Hogs…KK needs to step up and take command of the PG position for this team…

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Well, when no one else can make a shot…what is JD supposed to do?

Good start…need more baskets.

Here we come…great start to 2nd half for Hogs…TO Mercer

There we go.