Arkansas vs. Mercer

We are playing well, but have to push them off the 3 point line and force them to do something else.

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Lykes is insane quick
JD is money
3pt defense a bit of a worry at the moment

It’s not so much the 3 point defense, it’s literally all Mercer shoots is 3’s.

Lykes gave up 2 threes and fouled on one

How is that not a foul!!!

Officials are off to a stellar start on not knowing what their doing this year.

Our ball movement has been like the movie “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. The hugs are jacking some 3’s up too! I’d like to see Devo get to rolling. Notae hasn’t seen a shot he didn’t like to this point in the first half.

Defense please.

I like seeing officials let teams play, but my goodness, one team is playing good defense and the other is playing “grab the ball handler.”

We are ice cold now

Too much dribbling and jacking.

Notae needs to stop shooting 3’s and attack the rim

Move the ball.

Playing like hot garbage right now.

Defense is playing well enough to win, but offense is just throwing the ball around with no clear intent of what we’re doing.

Need to finish these last two minutes strong and keep it at single digits.

No offensive rhythm……right now, Mercer looks like the better team.

I can’t see the game, but it does not seem to be going well for us. Roy D. appears to be opening a can on us.

Yikes! We look like we just installed a brand new offense in practice yesterday, and half the team missed yesterday’s practice.

We have too many guys standing around on offense and not moving without the ball.

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Devo isn’t a point guard. Kk or lykes need to run point

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Great defense DEVO!!!

Mercer wants the game more than we do.