Arkansas vs. LSU

And away we go…

Arkansas needs to put a body on someone on rebounds. LSU lives and dies on those second chance shots. We gotta take those away.

Bama hangover. Especially for Tate he picked up 2 fouls before he broke a sweat.

2 quick foul on Tate not good.

Need to guard the three point line

We’re missing open shots. Need to shake it off and stop fouling.

Guard your man period.

Get Conner out, and put Jaylin in!

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We need a run.

This is just a bad start. They will come on before halftime.

We’ve settled down a little on defense but they still have us chasing our tails.

On offense, they’re begging us to knock down 3’s. Our shooters have got to step up and make them switch defenses.

Bad call officials.

Bad calls can change momentum and they just did it.

It was the right call, but come on. Stop bailing LSU out of bad plays.

THAT WAS A FOUL!!! Officials were great the first 10 minutes and now have completely shifted momentum squarely to LSU.

We need Tate back in game.

Smith has already drawn the charge. That other ref messed that up. Williams was in the restricted zone but the charge already happened.
Tate needs to come out after halftime with his head right.

Can’t risk it at the moment. Notae is doing very well, he just got screwed on the no call.

Two on Jaylin and Tate are killing us.

Apparently we did not employ the Shawn Kemp drill.

We have to keep it to single digits until the second half.