Arkansas vs. LSU

Drawing lots of fouls. That’s what has gotten us the lead.

Playing well, if we can stay away from foul trouble and continue to attack we have a opportunity for a win. WPS

Have to weather the storm (LSU run) and keep rebounding.

Did the announcers fly in on the same plane with LSU? WPS

I doubt they did!
This is the best First half the hogs have played all year! I don’t know where the rebounding came from but they are playing some ball!

Playing as good as you can ask this team.

Other than some open 3’s Arkansas gave LSU, we are in complete control.

The hogs own the paint! That’s where they beat in at LSU. Also we have the advantage on the free throw line!

LSU has 3 starters in foul trouble. Keep attacking the glass and we might see some key LSU guys foul out.

Don’t take the foot off the petal lots of game left, this game is going to be very physical before it’s over. WPS

If we score 55 in the second half I like our chances! WPS!

Your right General take em to the hole and send LSU down the bench.
I just hope we keep playing well. Mason Jones has 20 in the first half!

Need to score 100 tonight. On our way for sure.

I was thinking 90 would be enough, but yeah we seem like we may get there

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We are getting sloppy!! WPS

Keep attacking the glass. No 3’s unless they’re wide open.

Never noticed the weird spin on Desi’s shot before tonight.

Get in their face on 3’s, they don’t have any legit big men on the floor.

Is that 8 missed free throws in a row?

I love Muss, but this slowing down play with 8 minutes to go has not gone well in the past. We better start hitting free throws

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I certainly hope these guys don’t blow this lead and game tonight.