Arkansas vs. LSU

Defense is a step slow tonight have seen more open shots then we normally give up in a whole game. Joe got to work to get some shots.

Weak calls!!! LSU could stab our players and the refs wouldn’t call it.

Thank goodness Whitt came to play tonight he is on fire!


Joe is getting held on a lot of possessions.

We’ve also missed a couple of easy plays that would have been layups to open up the offense more.

Nice little run we have going. Keep it going

Whoa what a play by Bailey! Then Mason hits one from the parking lot now we rolling!

Musselman going with speed again, but doing it by taking our second best offensive player out of the game. Gutsy.

Boom :boom: by Mason

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I’m wondering if Joe is under the weather! He’s been sitting for a while i think. The hogs are taking it LSU now.
They need to close out this first half strong and build on this 11 point lead.
Jones, Whitt and Bailey are going strong. We need Joe to get going.

We need to put the hammer down these last 2 minutes, go into halftime up by double digits

Joe has 2 fouls. I would play him anyways

Turnovers instead of building the lead! They need to get it together.

AR up 38-31 with 2 min in first half… We are a bit clumsy on our dribbles.

Whitt has been money tonight

We are not covering their 3 point shots, not close enuff to them.
Less than a minute, Arkansas up by 6

Dang it Chaney

Stupid Chaney we have messed around and let them right back in the game

If time T. Chaney screwed up there. 4 fouls and get 2 in one play. The lead is all but gone.

That’s a one free throw technical, why did he get 2?

Masons got to tighten up his handle he is loose with the ball, I will take a three-point lead but it should be around 10 may come back to haunt us . Got to come out in the second half and take charge