Arkansas vs. LSU

And here we go!

AR up 3-0 and stopped LSU…

8-4 AR leads

Clean block!

We’re letting LSU get too much penetration. We need to cut off those passing lanes and force them drive the baseline.

15:24 Ark leads 10-9, Sills shot way off. Anyway close game as suspected. So tune in the radio broadcast if you don’t have ESPNU… Uggggh

Good first 4 minutes

Fast pace so far. Depth may be a problem late if this pace continues.

Lack of depth and possibility of foul trouble to main players will kill us Gotta play tough but NOT foul…

Rushing our shots but lead 15-13 at 13:15 mark

Illegal screen

Off Mays!

Gotta rebound. We’re shooting and nobody is around the rim to at least try to get a rebound.

Officials have gifted LSU 6 points.

17-17 tie. I am nervous. 11:38 mark now… Think will turn off game and come back later. Need a glass of wine, OK maybe two! Hope we do not wear out. For sure need at least 10 players capable of playing and giving substitution rest, we’re going to need fresh players in 4th Q but at this rate we will tire out I am afraid. We are outrebounded 12-4 >not good!

Shot click violation on the hogs and we were fouled at least 4 times in that 30 seconds.

Joe will get going soon

Refs making up fouls now

10 minutes to go in half : Game tied at 19. Close game as we all expected.

Like I said, we will get no justice at LSU

The officials have gifted LSU 8 points.

5 fouls to one.

The phantom foul on Mays drive yet we didn’t get a call n our end. The refs suck but the hogs need to stop the straight line drives!