Arkansas vs. LSU

Arkansas isn’t playing bad, LSU just can’t miss. FT’s are rearing their head again and the refs have given LSU 8 points off travels that weren’t called. We’re lucky to be where we are at the moment.

I’m so sick of this crap. THey’ve scored 11 points of double dribbles and travels. These refs need to get their heads out of their butts and call this game right.

Gafford & Chaney having good game so far. Good grief LSU shooting over 60 percent. They are also beating us on the boards.

We’re playing well, even from the line for the most part, but LSU is hot from 3 and killing us on the boards. Zone seems to be our saving grace defensively. They’re killing us when we go man because Waters is too quick and the refs are letting him get away with dribbling homicide.

This team can’t beat anyone giving up 50 points at half.

What has happened to Joe?? We need him big time. Good to see Gafford and Chaney playing well.

Defense is non-existent, can’t stop the dribble drive and when we do they pass out to a wide-open 3. Good shooters are going to make those and they are

Seem to have found an offense but this team can’t play a complete game. Time to quit stressing, this season is likely a wash, maybe we get to NIT. Losing Dan will hurt, Mike will have next season to bring it together again, hope he can. This is disappointing…

Let’s hope LSU cools off in second half, surely they can’t continue shooting at 60 percent.

Why we leave good 3 pt shooters uncovered has been a problem with the defense. I’m sure that’s not what Anderson teaches but I sometime wonder why it’s a consistent problem.

This game was decided before the game started. This is ridiculous the two ways these refs are calling the game.

Mercy :roll:

I’m sorry but these constant travels that lead to points is annoying. If LSU is the better team and beats us, I can live with it. But I know calls when I see them and they’ve traveled at least 8 times and have never been called for it and scored 13 points off of them.

No defense! Can’t seem to stop the ball and leaving wide OPEN shooters to take the 3’s. We move the ball at a snails pace and they move it quick and with a purpose.
They have shooters taking shots and we don’t. Bailey don’t need to be taking shots and neither does Gabe from outside. They need to clog the paint to get on the glass.
Play Chaney with Gafford. Call timeouts and rest the 2 big men.
Our guards are outmatched on defense and can’t stay in from the of guards. The switches we do cost us almost every time.

Gabe continues to throw up bricks from anywhere. Then fouls afterward.

I am so sick of Gabe. Replace Gafford with Bailey and Chaney on the floor. Their at least playing smart.

Frustrating to watch us blow chances to get back in this game.

We talk defense but not seeing it

Just a matter of time before Gabe becomes the first person to break a backboard with a jump shot :roll:

It’s time for CMA to stand up and get a T! Don’t let them contiu to go over our backs for rebounds and the fouls being called on us.

5 or 6 sec wins

Just too young in a strong conference