Arkansas vs. Louisiana: Round Rock Classic

I’ll post lineups when they are available. First pitch at 7:20.

Meanwhile some fool on Twitter is posting the hashtag #FireDaveVanChoke.

What an idiot


Good Lord…

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What a complete fool. Has no idea what baseball is all about.

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Not sure this is one of them, but there have been some Tennessee fans pretending to be Hog fans on Twitter saying stuff like that. Happened last weekend, too. The Hogs/Vols Twitter rivalry seems strong right now.

I saw the same tweet you’re referring to, and it seemed to originate in Arkansas, but I saw probably three or more last weekend that came from Knoxville or somewhere else in Tennessee.

That’s just an idiot!
I’m hoping our hogs come out and relax and hit the darn ball. They can’t be tired from running the bases. The wall from the dugout to plate and back couldn’t have wore them out. Get some runs please.

I got the pitcher wrong for ULL. It is 51 Jeff Wilson.

People can say “it’s early”. I’ve been a Hog fan for nearly 40 years, and I’m talking following them CLOSELY. You get a feel when things look bad for a season.

That feeling is very much there right now. Hope it ends up being wrong, like with basketball this year.

Well we just flat out gave them that first run should have been a routine double play ball then he wild Pitch… leach has got to be able to make those plays that’s a routine play for a catcher now they’ve got to run on third

Wow I’m sure glad we have this second game to clean things up…

(Sarcasm alert)


After 1

I’m with you on this

It’s early but something is not right

We get in funks like this every year seems like at some point. The hitting will come around just a matter of when


I was just thinking that Wiggins can be wild and he’s pitching to the young catcher. This could be dangerous.

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And the strikeouts continue. Unreal.

Just some really bad swings. Not even on balance falling away from the ball just not sound. This is one of those little junk ball pitcher which is giving us just about as much troubles as the LH

I wonder how many strikeouts this team has so far this year. Had to be up there.