Arkansas vs. Kentucky’95 on now

50-44 at the half on the SEC network. I thought it was the regular season game, but it’s the SEC tourney.

If its the tourney game then we lost. I was there in 95 and it was a heart breaking OT game.

Didn’t we have like an 8-point lead in OT and let it get away?

When they show ark ken that is the only game they ever show in the sec rewind. I wish they would show some that we won some of those were on espn back then

I started to watch, then I realized that it was the tournament game. I turned it off.

We had a 9 point lead with 1:30 left and somehow blew it.

Arkansas blew that game by missing free throws — missed 4 of 6 in the final 71 seconds. But it went to OT because Kentucky missed two free throws at the end of regulation.

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