Arkansas vs. Indiana

Game going back and forth.

Refs are awful as usual on both ends.

Announcers seem to be advocating for Indiana the whole game.

we are playing as one so far lets not get rattled

We just need to finish at the rim when we get the chance! We’ve been fouled without getting the call and on the defense end we have had Indiana on our back when we rebound.

Pretty good half so far

Need more Chaney

Adrio knocking down shots and looking good

Yeah, they called 3 quick fouls on Indiana and haven’t called a foul on them since. Indiana has missed a lot of FT’s, but they’ve gotten so many chances that it’s kept them in the game.

I’ve seen Indiana travel at least 4 times and it was never called.

We need to calm down ourselves. We are waiting too long to set the offense and playing out of control when we have the advantage.

I’ve heard the exact opposite. That one announcer (I don’t know his name) has been gushing all over Arkansas, said he just loves the way we play and mentioned if we keep our guys together we’re going to be a force in the SEC next year, he’s also been gushing all over Isiah Joe talking about how they just can’t leave him open.

The refs suck. Horrible call at end of half

That was the one nice thing they said about Arkansas, but the vast majority of their coverage has been towards Indiana.

That’s a typical road game for any team in Indiana. The refs took over and the hogs weren’t good on offense! Gabe needs to shoot inside the arc! Sills has been good.
Joe hasn’t got going yet but Chaney is going to have to get going. Jones and Joe will need to have a good second half.
Hogs by 8 for the win!

Arkansas is playing well on defense but we aren’t playing as fast on offense. We need to pick it up.

The officials need to take a look at the 3 that gave Indiana a 28-25 lead. I went back and looked and his feet were planted on the white line. It should be 29-28 at half.

The officials called 1 foul on Indiana the last 16 minutes of the first half. That is ridiculous. And that call to end the half, sigh!

Total BS on that last call he never even touched the ball!!!we are playing a little bit too out of control sometimes just need to take care of the ball better and get better shots hopefully we will wear them down.

that was a bad call at the end of the half and could be a momentum killer but nobody ever gave us anyting so I’m confident we can play through the bad referee calls

There were numerous times the refs swallowed the whistle in our offensive end.
We just need to move and cut and get good shots! It’s about what I expected at the half.

Even if the official are fair, I really expect Indiana to win; however, just the same, it does seem that the officials are favoring Indiana. It is almost like they don’t want to take any chance that Arkansas might win.

If you’re talking about the call on the lob pass, Desi pushed the guy. I don’t know who they called the foul on because I had it muted but there was a foul.

I’m honestly surprised it’s this close. Gafford was a huge factor in us winning the last time and I was afraid they’d pound us to dust down low. So far, we are playing well in our down low defense.

It wasn’t a shooting foul is the issue.

There is no question it was a foul, but they called it in the act of shooting, it was a lob and he never touched it. It was a foul but it should not have been free throws

Desi and Bailey have kept us in this game. Gotta get Joe, Jones, and Chaney going. Jones hit his first 3 and has done nothing since. He’s got zeros in boards, assists, and steals. He was a stat stuffer and shot well in the last game. Same with Chaney, maybe Mike needs to start both in this 2nd half after chewing on them a bit during half-time. Joe’s playing well, but his shot is not dropping, which probably will drop in the 2nd half.

Desi has been superb!

We have no offense…just taking bad shot after bad shot. Do we not have any offensive plays? Every player we have on offense is sitting on the 3 point line. If anybody gets the slightest opening they just fire it up. Why not try to get it inside for a better shot? We are certainly quicker and more athletic than this Indiana team, but that Hoosier home court advantage is a big deal.