Arkansas vs. Indiana

Sloppy on offense.

Defense is doing well, but we have got to attack the basket.

Gabe puts one down.

And Chaney shows his moves.

Nice run without Daniel…

Our defense is stout!

Gotta slow it down on offense and stop taking quick shots.

Joe is money man so far

Our bench is really contributing. We need that to continue.

horrible call no way Gafford fouled…we miss way to many layups.should be up by 8-10pts.playing hard just have to take what they are giving us.

Golly we’ve missed several lay ups…

But what an effort by our guys!

I’ll step out and say Gabe is back.

Played with purpose, passion and within himself.

Chaney is coming around too.

Our defense is saving us because our offense is sloppy. We need to slow it down. When we set it up, we’re getting good shots.

Kudos to our bench for stepping up and allowing Gafford and our starters to catch a breath so we’re fresh down the line.

I didn’t realize Indiana has so many injuries, so fouls are going to play a huge role down the stretch.

FT’s continue to be a problem, though most of it is the same player.

Gotta take care of the ball better. Too many silly turnovers.

If you’d told me we’d be up 3 at the half I’d have taken it no questions. Keep getting them in foul trouble. Everyone who has played for us has scored, which isn’t common for us in the first half.

Joe and jones need to start hitting those 3’s for us to hang on.Gafford can score if he will want the ball more down low.

This team is light years better defensively sans Macon. He was awesome offensively but it was like playing 4 on 5 at the other end.

Good start for Joe…


Osubeuin(sp.) is the biggest mix bag in this game. For something he does well, he does something equally foolish.

as soon as jones and Gafford go out Joe is the only one who can score and he basically is spot up 3 shooter and Ind has gotten right back in the game…no offense form the 2nd unit.I know Gabe got some early but can’t count on that

Defensive rebounding is not good…

Get Bailey out, he’s not hustling at all.

Gafford is taking over.

I like it!

Jones playing very well 6 asst!great pass to Gafford!