Arkansas vs Indiana in Round Rock Classic

Thanks to Matt for providing the lineups!!

Hopefully we get Connor some runs early

I had a bit of a scare earlier. My audio streaming feed kept cutting out and I was afraid I might miss the game. It turns out my speaker needed to be charged and once I plugged it in all was well.


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Great start for the Hogs. Double by Wallace single by Moore!1-0

Live stats aren’t working and they joined the game in progress. Ugh. I’ll have to rescore the entire game after it is over.

Don’t want to rag on Turner too much, but man, we were sure spoiled by Casey Opitz

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Yeah I got a feeling we’re going to be saying that a lot this year

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Connor looking very sharp only giving up one hit 4 strikeouts.we have fouled off some really good pictures against their picture hopefully we will take advantage of some of those.Turner hit one that may have went out of the yard had to wind not been blowing and he hit it about 390 ft to dead center

Listening on the radio. Man, I miss Phil!!


1-0 going to the bottom of the 3rd. This guy’s a sinker ball pitch and we’re just beating in the ground, but he has left a few up we just have to connect instead of fouling it off.

Hogs on the board again back to back hits,double by slavens and triple by Turner who has crushed two balls deep into the right center field Gap probably would have two home runs on a normal day.2-0Big Time kudos to the hog fans who are there it’s 35°!! need to get this run in here… bases are loaded one out stovall up dribbles the ball to the 1b who threw the guy at home.
Wallace walks to make it 3-0… moore reaches first base on what was ruled an error 4-0. Bohrofen flies out.

Stovall continues to struggle

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Yeah he’s a little bit out in front on pitches
But he’s got a great swing

This is gonna get overturned