Arkansas vs Hofstra

KK is starting. Hope he plays great. Go Hogs!

Short leash. Damn.

All I can get is a gateway error 502 on the WHS game synopsis.


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Hofstra with 3 made treys already… sigh…

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I’d zone us too.

Hofstra zoning us on D…yep…smart…

Guess you and I are the only ones in here, Jeg. Even the diehards are sitting this one out. Can’t blame em.

Then you two got the responsibility–what’s happening?

Tied at 13

I’m here

But hard to comment much when you can’t see

Bottom line is things are much the same

Opponent hitting threes
we struggle to score

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Just gave up another 3

Hofstra up 20 to 15

Another slow start for Hogs

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Haven’t scored a field goal on more than 3 minutes

I’m here but cant see the game…obviously.

Hofstra sitting back in zone, basically daring Hog players to shoot the 3-ball

We’re gonna see this all season long…

Hofstra up 20 to 18

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Glad to see a different starting lineup. Gotta hit those shots they’re giving us though.

Arkansas shooting 1-9 on treys…gracious…

The good is we are getting to the line and making most.

Why did KK only get 2 min before being taken out?