Arkansas vs. Hofstra film

For anyone who is interested, here is a link to the game:

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Okay I watched the first part of this game here with no sound. It appeared to me that they were slow and tired in the legs. I think the hard week of practice took a lot out of them. You could tell by how easily those guys got us off the dribble. Muss even looked tired!

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I wasn’t sure Muss looked tired. He did look mad.

I’d be mad, too, if I were Muss. This is a bad collection; nowhere similar to last year’s toughness and cohesion.

But it is not much different than they were this time last year. We opened 1-4 in conference and fans thought it was the end of the World. I have confidence they will continue to grow. I want them to get better and peak late season…not early. Even as we won in non conference last year fans had these same concerns. It takes time to jell with this many new players that all were starters on their last team.


I think it’s terribly different, from just watching the team. First, we have no one similar to what Moody brought, no similar inside strength to Smith, and no ball controller like Tate. None of them were replaced. Moreover, Smith and Tate were complementary players, not me-me players. They made the team better; they fostered synergy. Losing to Hofsta at home is as bad as losing to the Citadel.

Sure, I’d like to see this team turn-it-around, but I don’t see it happening. The rest of the schedule is not choked full of Elons.

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How bout peaking early and late??

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They have an easier slate. I do not think the SEC is nearly as good.

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Losing to Hofstra is nowhere near as bad as losing to The Citadel. That is just ridiculous. Hofstra will probably be a tourney team that might advance to the 2nd weekend. We haven’t played very well so far, but please don’t exaggerate. I haven’t seen one team in college basketball that looks dominant this year. We will be fine.

Citadel! That’s crazy. Hofstra took #13 Houston to overtime. Not even remotely similar.

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I agree,the SEC is not as strong,we have a chance the 1st 7-8 games to get off to a good start.we needed an easier SEC schedule to start off with and we have it…ball is in our court,we will see what we do with it.

The last half of the SEC slate is tough.
The hogs need a hot start and it begins with Miss St in stinkville! I had a friend make the comment he thinks there could be locker room issues. I hope there’s not but if there is maybe the players only meeting brought all the stuff out in the open!
They haven’t played a complete game yet this season and sure don’t play solid defense.

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