Arkansas vs. Georgia

Guess I’ll start a game thread.

Quick start for both teams. Hogs up early 11-10.

This is not looking good they are bombing threes and we don’t look comfortable at all against their zone

4 TO already. 3 pt defense lacking

Well it seems the SEC strikes again. The place I always went to to keep track of the live stats for the ball games has now LOCKED the SEC games. I can still get all the stats for other conference games but all the SEC games I checked are locked.

I can only assume someone at the SEC noticed or someone tattled to the SEC about it. Seems you now need a media password to view the stats.

"Please note that StatMonitr feeds are intended for use by members of the working media and event staff only. They are not meant to be shared with the public viewing audience."

What a bunch of little b1tches!!

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They are shooting exceptionally well defense better get going because right now we are clueless on defense

Need Williams back in the game.

Guard the three guys!!!

Now that’s better back to back steals get us a couple layups

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No way GA will keep this shooting up. 5-5 from deep. When we don’t turn it over we are getting the ball inside.

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Anyone know a good place for live stats?

Like the pace. Need to turn up the defensive pressure about 3 notches

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Don’t think I see CV on the bench. Lingering sickness?

Everything georgia throwing at the rim going in right now

just gotta weather the storm

Yeah they said he was sick the other day… must be keeping him away from everybody else

Well Jay will just got his second foul see you in a second half

this game is gonna go slow. they are calling everything

I can’t believe we keep fouling! Stop it!
The TO’s are killing the hogs. Toney is having a rough night so is Devo!

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Need one of those 16-2 runs about now

JD needs to take this game over

They average 6 threes a game and they’ve already got that many sure they can’t keep this up