Arkansas vs. Georgia, SEC tournament

yeah need a big hit here!but a weak hit DP ball… :evil:

I’'d even take a little hit. :sunglasses: Keep the line moving!

I would have too Marty just not happening much lately.

What a weak hit by Franklin for an inning ending DP.
More opportunities wasted.

Our starter is gone, their starter is gone. Which bullpen, or offense, is gonna make the biggest impact these last three innings.

yep Ga can get that big hit though got ahead 2 strikes and leave one right over th middle :evil: :evil: :evil:

Ya see, this is the kind of game we have a tendency to lose. Our pitching isn’t bad, but our offense just doesn’t seem to have their back. When you are playing in a 1 run game, that’s gonna get you beat.
Hope we come up and score some runs off Webb.
Go Hogs:bangbang:

Where is the wind when you need it?

figures the one ball hit real well the peckerwood would make a great catch!!!

they have the deeper BP so its going to be tough.

Is this pitching we’re facing that great? Man, just don’t look good at the plate at all. Really seemed to have struggled since the last two games of that A&M series.
So far, GA is the team who has made the most impact since the bullpen got involved.
Now let’s see what Kostyshock can do.

you belive that @!@#$# :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Two out 2 strikes…


lets just get back home and hopefully find our offense b/c right now we are hopeless we don’t have the pitching or the luck to win 1-0 2-1

I can believe it! Just hard to accept it!!
Their offense has answered the bell, ours hasn’t.

Yes, it is. Georgia has the second-lowest team ERA (3.11) in the SEC, just behind Texas A&M (3.08). They are third and fourth in the NCAA.

look like Franklin could have caught that ball

This is six games in a row where we really haven’t hit well. I know we got the five homers in Game 1 of AM, but still didn’t string any hits together.

Really bad time to go into a slump collectively.

Kosty made a good pitch. Just a lucky bloop.

Thanks, Matt! I feel a lot better now.

team has no sense of urgency,look to be going through the motions…didn’t see any rally caps in our dugout did ya?? they don’t care anything about this.