Arkansas vs. Georgia, SEC tournament

This game appears like a pitching duel so far! I hope Wilcox hangs a few and we can bang em!

where is Campbells velocity? 91 the best I have seen so far,big difference from 94.way to work out it Isaiah! Need the bats to wake up!

The radar gun at Baum-Walker is kind of on the quick side. He may be throwing exactly the same as usual, the gun is just not reading him the same as in Fayetteville.

Generous strike zone…

got a break there real bad jump by Nesbit…we got to get Ezell going can’t remember a hit since the HR at Tamu.DVH looks hot we are not swinging the bat like we need to.

look at this crap :evil: BB and HBP 2 on no out with the heart of the order out of it though! He’s grinding but hopefully he won’t put himself in the hole like that again.

DVH don’t need to pinch hit for Nesbit anymore.

Fletcher hit that! ball not traveling should have been long gone!!

That ball would have been ball 4 it might have been 6 inches off the ground. 3-0 he would get a pitch he could drive.

he drove that one would have over the bullpen at Baum.

I assumed we’d be home since we have a higher seeding???

they went by conference wins they had 21 and we had 20.

this guy is really good this 1 run may have to hold up…not getting many good swings Ezell took the 1st pitch right down the middle didn’t see another good one.

That strike call was ridiculous. :shock:

alright Boys Lets get some runs!! you have seen him twice now go up there and rip it!

Guess they haven’t seen enough of him yet. I know I have!!

Between Aggies and Georgia it’s clear great pitching will trump great hitting. We are very lucky Campbell is pitching today.

yeah I agree Bore we are just not swinging the bats we go to the pen lets see what we get.

And now Wilcox is gone.
Let’s see what happens now!
We survived Wilcox with a 1 run lead. Let’s see if we can get some runs off Webb.