Arkansas vs. Gardner Webb

Offense is terrible again.

Defense is good, but offense again has ZERO flow.

Now the flow is there. My goodness, if they can only start games like this.

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Arkansas in the final 6 minutes of the first half played like a team on offense and they EXPLODED. THIS is what I want to see going forward. Ball rotation with purpose and all the players using their strengths collectively.

I think they will figure it out. This is going to be a regular occurrence with Muss and how he works the transfer portal. He will have it figured out toward the end of December

CV dominated that 1/2, good for him!

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Since guys can make money now, can they now be fined? JD has gotta dunk that breakaway.

If he works on his dunk game he may be the best player in the SEC. :grimacing:

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Yes he did, and he did it by camping down low. That’s what we need from him.

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yes would be awesome if he could hold his own in the paint and be a reliable threat for us.

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Nice to see shower of 3’s and the last 5-6 minutes they were getting it going. De was good and the picked up tempo even in the half court. When they get deliberate in the half court it’s just awful, so slow.

When they play fast in the half court they drive kick move, it’s so much better.

Keep progressing guys. It’s good to see the offense starting to gel a little better this game.

I think the players have figured out if we get our 200 passes in in the first 10-15 minutes we can let it fly after that.

that is the key…movement!

Umude showing how awesome he can be for us!

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Where is KK?

He’s in the game!

yeah as soon as I posted LOL and he immeditely gets the ball in the paint and sets up another bucket

Love that coach Musselman is getting a lot of players that don’t start a chance to finish this game.


Lots of good in this game. Need to keep progressing and building around this team.

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Let’s give Connor some love here. When he came into the game in the first half, he completely changed the feel of the game and asserted himself in a multitude of ways that we really needed. He was blocking shots, rebounding, passing well, and even got some easy buckets near the rim.

Nicely done, CV.


That’s what we need from him. When he is consistently playing outside the 3 point line, it slows down the offense and defense. Playing down low and kicking out when needed opens up the offense, especially for guys like Umude and Toney. That’s what we need.