Arkansas vs. Florida

We shot 51% in the first half. I’ll take that even with a few missed layups. And we were 10-15 in the first half on layups and dunks.

It’s the Shots that the hogs have missed that worry me. We haven’t shot the 3 much and we haven’t gotten to the free throw line either. The hogs need to get the free throw line some in second half.

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Hard to get to the line if the refs aren’t calling fouls. Florida is 5-5 on FTs, we’re 4-4.

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They have let them bang! And then call a touch foul. It makes no sense.

And ESPN halftime only wants to talk about Duke…not us. This s$#@ gets old. At least Jimmy is giving us props tonite. Ravech sucks. He basically said he can’t believe Moses is playing so well, since he stayed home. Like he would have been a better stud had he went elsewhere. Screw him. Go Hogs! Make em put some respek on your name!

They finally called the moving screen

Have to finish around the goal cmon

Tune in to Chuck…

Yes. I think CEM took a chunk out of the red in the first half about that.
The hogs are dogs on the boards early in the second half. Moving the ball too!

Mute them like I do!

We going to mess around and let them get hot and have to fight to pull it out, should be up by 20

IT’s not us messing around, we just aren’t being allowed to do what Florida is on offense.

Yep here they come

This is normal. The silly TO’s and they take full advantage of it. Good time for the timeout. Come on and score hogs.

Sloppy as heck with the ball you call it what you want to

True, but that last score by Florida, the ballhandler travelled.

They paid for it!

Yes. They have let a few of those go! They called smith for it early!
It seems Florida wants Williams to receive the inbounds pass!

We try to go to fast sometimes and it costs up with bad passes,shots.have to be under control

Lost focus for a bit. We’re alright. still up 8.