Arkansas vs. Florida

And away we go!

Defensively, playing really well. Offensively, silly turnovers have given Florida half their points.

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Well it’s better than I thought. At least we are playing defense. Vanover blocks the shot and let it go off of him right back to Florida for the put back. Man at times it looks like luck is just headed the other way.
We they are leaving it on the floor.

They need to take a point off Florida. That was a 2, not a 3 I believe.

I don’t see it close enough to tell. When we go inside out we are doing better. I like Devo on the floor.

Arkansas doing very well on defense and Muss has a very good rotation going, keeping people fresh.

Need to overcome the physical defense by Florida by pushing the ball and forcing them to chase us.

We’re really getting after it on D. And the Trough is really getting after Appleby, the Jacksonville kid.

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Very solid on both ends of the court so far

I hope the hogs can keep the D hot! They are engaged in both ends of the floor. The rotation seem a to be good.

Then a silly TO on the inbounds pass!

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Two turnovers on inbounds passes that will result in points.

I still say Florida has 1 more point than they should.

I will look at it again latter. I hope we can build a big lead before halftime.
The hogs have missed a lot of shots right at the rim.

So far the Wallets look like a team that hasn’t played in a while. So far. But our D has something to do with that.

Little sloppy with the ball allows them to be in striking distance

Defense is playing great. Keep that up!!!

Offense has been sporadic, but my goodness, how many and 1’s did these officials not call in our favor?

Nice first half! Gotta hold on.

Only 11 fouls called in the first half and both teams were getting physical. Letting them play. Kinda looks like a Big Ten game except for the tempo. Well, I shouldn’t say that. tOSU, Illinois and Michigan don’t play stallball.

That I like, but we got whistled a couple of times for the exact same thing Florida did on defense.

My biggest complaint on the officials are the moving screens by Florida that they aren’t calling, other than that, I don’t have much of a problem.

It sure seems like the easy baskets we missed could have allowed the hogs to have a twenty point lead. I just hope the hogs can start fast after halftime and put Florida away early.

Me too. I think our defense is playing great, but it is concerning that we are only up 10 with Florida shooting 29% and Arkansas shooting 50%.