Arkansas vs. Florida

Can’t buy a basket to save our lives. Defense is playing ok, but we need to pick up the pace.

Defense isn’t playing great Florida just missing shots 🤦‍♂️ we can blow this team out

Get Gabe out.

6 points in 10 minutes … AGAIN

Florida isn’t doing anything special, we are just screwing up royally.

Poor play. Sorry turnovers.

Can not believe what I am seeing so far. Get the ball to Gafford for goodness sakes

You got a laugh from crying this is keystone cops basketball.

I like Mike but this is rediculous

This is ugly. Both teams are playing horribly!

It’s not Mike’s fault.

8 turnovers is unacceptable. No more turnovers the rest of the game.

Florida isn’t playing much better so I guess their coach is in the same boat

These officials are being horribly inconsistent.

This game is ugly enough without the officials calling two separate games.

Gafford doesn’t want the basketball he just stands there looking! don’t even put his hand up for the ball half the time!!

We knock off the turnovers and we are golden. Even as ugly as this game is, Florida has scored 14 points off 11 Arkansas turnovers.

This is AWFUL OFFICIATING!!! Florida is catching major breaks

Just poor play all around. It’s matches the horrible whistles.

It is bad officiating but this is down right embarrassing offensive basketball. Isaiah Joe with two air balls.unreal