Arkansas vs. Florida State, CWS game 2

BTW, it takes me longer to do the lineups since my iPad died. My new one is sitting on the UPS truck in Springdale and will be delivered on Monday after I leave. UGH.

I can still score on my phone, but it is not nearly as easy.

Thank You Marty!

Three pretty well hit balls. Just right to the fielders.

Yeah he didn’t fool anybody

yeah we hit the ball hard just need to find some grass or seats… :smiley:

20 pitches for Zay that inning, but no damage

Wind wasn’t quite blowing out to left hard enough!

that was horrible Nesbit swing at strikes!!

:evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: come on Franklin you know to freeze on a line drive!!! we can’t be blowing chances like that!!

Really a tough break on that DP. Really thought we’d get a run that inning with runners on 2 & 3 with one out

What the heck was Franklin thinking??
Only one out, first base open, make sure the ball get out of the infield

Well there’s 1 prime time chance to score gone by!

wow ball a foot outside!! we 'll take it but we better be aware of it,he’s givenn several like that

Perry did that in game 1 too! You better go too the plate to swing the bat!

come on guys this guy has nothing! letting him get his confidence up!! Louisville got 9 hits and 10 runs off him in 1 inning!!

come on bottom of the order set the table! lets get some runs! quit messing around with these guys!!

Time to start scoring some runs

FS dude only has 62 pitches…

The sun has helped him let’s see what happens now that he won’t be in the sun and the batters in the shadows.
Mental mistake by Franklin sleeping on base and get picked off.