Arkansas vs. Florida SEC Tourney

On the pregame show, DVH said that he had food poisoning and had been in the hospital for 2 days. He is not 100%, but feels much better.

Let’s just purge all that bad juju…

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Who is the home team?

OK, now that I’ve had my shower and gotten the lineups, I can get a bite to eat for breakfast! Go Hogs!

If you will look at the lineups above, you will note that Florida is the “home” team.

Great start webb.

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We cant get out of our own way.

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Well the lineup change and Webb leads off going down on a K trying to get time and steps out the pitcher throws the pitch and it’s called strike 3.
Give away outs get you beat.
I hope the hogs get motivated.

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Man we keep finding ways to look silly

Webb steps out when time not granted and takes called strike 3


I wonder which Noland we are going to see.

In typical Hogs fashion we go 3 up 3 down and don’t make Florida feel any pressure. Our hogs have all
The pressure on them. They need to get ahead early and have something positive happen soon.

Connor starts well. Gotta get on base then hit.

Noland looks good. I hope it lasts more than 1 inning. that seems to be the team MO of late. 1 inning lights out, then fall apart

Finally a break our way…

Yes and now Slavens has his normal AB. Swings like crazy at strike 1 and 2 and then look at strike 3 for a K. Get the lead off man on and the next man fails to move him over.
Someone mentioned the hogs slumped last season at the end. Well they are slumping now earlier.
I don’t know if bunting would help but I would sure like to see it with runners on 3rd base and less than 2 outs. Anything to crank the offense up

welp, we got 1 inning again


Well there you have your answer. Gets behind in count and they pound him. Nolan we’ve seen last 4 games.

2 runs in. I have no confidence at all we can come back.

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