Arkansas vs Eurocolegia Casvi...

I will be covering the game in this thread here. We can start a discussion one as well that I will jump in, but let’s keep this one going just for my updates.


About 30 minutes from tip off.

The gym is around 130 degrees - or at least that is what it seems like.

No air conditioning.

The starting lineup was just posted on twitter. Looks like CMA isn’t going to show his cards with who’s currently leading to be in the starting lineup. He just put all the returning guys there.


That is the starting five tonight

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Down 8-0

Must not be playing much defense. All of their FG’s are on layups.

0-9 from the field, 4-4 from foul line. Down 14-4

EC up 14-8

Arkansas 2-11 from field

4-4 FT

Kingsley, Cook, Macon, Thomas all have

Looks like very little defense played by the Hogs thus far.

ECC hung 27 points in ten minutes.

Updating scoring and stats can be found here:

early in the second quarter.

Putting it together

Still just 7-27 from the field, but starting to force turnovers and knock down free throws.

EC up 31-24, but Arkansas has cut the lead from 18 to 7

Dusty Hannahs just hit Arkansas’ first 3

Hannahs 7 points
Thompson 6 rebounds
Barford 4 assists

44 points in 20 minutes. Yikes.
Poor shooting to be expected. Hoping for a better defensive effort the second half. Looking forward to DD’s take.

Arkansas 9-33 FG
2-7 on 3s
12-16 FTs

Arkansas had 6 turnovers - forced 10
Out-rebounded 23-19

Seems excessive…

Hannahs, Barford, Kingsley, Thomas and Macon


Since we can see the stats live online, can you give us some color? Are we pressing? Is that why so many lay-ups for opponent? Any other noticeable things. Are missing jumpshots? Contested lay-ups? Anything is greatly appreciated.

If you were sitting in a gym that was 130 degrees, you 2 might make a typo