Arkansas vs Bradley

On to basketball (vs TV)! We are only 10.5 pt favorites today. No cakewalk expected. I know Muss is dialed in. Hope players are ready. I’m sure NSJ will be.


Haslametrics and Barttorvik have it at about an 8 point game

Kenpom has it at 12.

MGM opened at Hogs -11, now -10.5
Caesar’s opened at Hogs -11.5, now -10.5

Little to no movement in the line. It looks like MGM and Caesars have adjusted their line for the season loss of Brazile., rightfully so. We need a few more games to see just how the loss of Trevon will ultimately affect the Hogs this season. What will we look like if Mahki gets into very early foul trouble, for example?

Auburn was a 12.5 point favorite @Auburn and won by 21. I think we should cover easily, but not going to bet the game because of how the Hogs have played in N. Little Rock, plus Finals week, plus the somewhat unknown about the loss of Trevon.

If we play well, we will win handily. If we are not focused, we could lose.

My Arkansas GameDay app is not loading on my iPhone. What can I do?

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It just loaded fine on my Samsung galaxy. Don’t know about Iphone, but the app is working. Maybe just re-boot your phone?

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See if it needs to be updated, if you continue to have problems, re-start your phone. If you are still having difficulties, uninstall and re-install the app. Good luck, hope it works for you.

re-booted. And it has popped up as it should. Thanks guys!


I can see us up by 20 in the second half and winning by 11. I think that’s sort of the Muss way.

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Just checking in. Good to see that we are at least competive in this hostile to us arena. I expect opposing team to make a strong run. Hopefully we can hold them off.

51-34. Good guys.

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We are up by dozen ir so. Loving listening to Chuck and Z calling the game. Havent heard them in long time. Havent had to.

Is Nick OK? Seems he’s been stuck on 5 points for awhile.

Why nobody posting!!

Cause nobody can see the game!


Matt Z said earlier that Nick was limping some.

Try the link firewallet shared on the post he shared.

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Well that’s not good.