Arkansas vs Barcelona

If this is the court they play on today, how the heck do you keep up with which lines on the court are for basketball?

There’s been a change of plans for Game 2. Arkansas will play Catalan Elite and, from the looks of some of the players I saw on Eric’s recent IG Live, I expect the game to go a lot like Tuesday’s.

They need competition!

Here is the live updates blog:

ANY information on WHY the opponent was changed last minute like this. For me a game is a game, but I’d prefer a bit tougher competition so the team gets better experience.

Just stay healthy, boys!


Wow, this court is a trip.

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Has the game started?


down 12-4 really bad start,nick 2 To’s black, pocket picked Devo air ball,give up several 3’s

Give the score, Zimmerman! This stream is awful.

down 24-20 at the qtr.totally different team today,no flow on offense and not good 3 pt defense,full court press is basically how we are scoring

The announcers are terrible! Never once gave the score.

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Dear Production Crew for Flo Sports,

Please white balance and match the cameras at halftime. Thanks.

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Need stick um on our shoes, guys slipping all over the place.

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He’s just as much in the dark as us.


Night and day difference between the Tuesday game, broadcast, and basketball facility and this game today. Lousy gym, lousy broadcast, and lower level of play by the Hogs. I’m glad the team got to play with some pressure on them though. They responded pretty well in the 2nd quarter.

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Zimmerman is in the basement at BWA watching the same telecast as us. He has no idea what the score is either. When we can’t see it he can’t either.

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The Zapruder film had better production value.


Gosh, Nick is smooth!