Arkansas vs Bama game 2

Autumn Storms has faced the minimum through two innings. Hogs got a single in the first but couldn’t advance her.

Kayla Green reached on an error in the second but went no further. Strikeout trend is continuing after 12 Ks yesterday.

Those K’s last night kept the hogs from taking the lead. Maybe they will break out if it.

Last 2 games is my 1st real chance to see this team and looks like offense will have to come in the 1st 6 hitters. Storms is very sharp!

Nine up nine down so far for Bama. Need to get the bats going!

Boom! Bomb by Burnside!

#21. Outta here real quick…

That was a scud missle!

Youdaman this team had found ways to win! Last night I thought they were going to pull it out when they loaded the bases. I think they’ll win today.

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I hope so!

Scud missile. Haven’t heard that one in a few years…


Filthy Change up! And we flashing that D!

Great play by Huffine! Now let’s tack on some more runs!

I can’t get the video to play
Other games come up but not ours

On ESPN 2 if that helps you

K green goes yard!

Kayla with boom #2!

We get a break from the umps. Through 4.5, still 2-0

What kind of break from the umps? I just turned in

Bama girl fouled it off her foot, ump didn’t catch it, ball went to 3b in fair territory who tossed it to Storms who threw to first base for the out. Your classic 5-1-3 groundout.

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