Arkansas vs. Bakken Bears game thread

Arkansas’ starting lineup is in and we’re getting closer to tipoff. Game is set to begin at noon Central.

No live stats this time, I guess.

I want to see players 0,1,2,3 and 4 on the floor (and bench for photo)

Yes there is. Use the same link from the Orange game last Saturday.

Looks like they discovered the Twitch feed someone set up to show the game and its be suspended for “violating twitch community rules”

Evidently someone open their mouth and talked about it. :frowning:

I hope the live stats are still working today.

Arkansas leads 20-5 at end of 1st qtr

Thanks! They are working.

And Bakken’s defense against TB is not working at all.

Yeah it looks like Brazile is going hog wild in this game. 18 points so far.

He has 13 actually. I don’t know what the “index” column at the end means, but it isn’t points. Points is the third column from the left

UR right… my bad… habit had me looking in the wrong column… still 13 is pretty good for 9+ min

Agreed. I had to figure out which column was which during the game Saturday.

Now he’s up to 17 with an index of 23.

Here’s what Index is:

The rotation in the first half is 10 deep: the starters, Council, Graham, Devo, Walsh and Makhi.

Make that 11. Both twins have played.

41-30 at half

Trevon Brazile was phenomenal in that half. Has 19 points on 9/9 shooting (8/8 around the rim), 3 rebounds and 4 steals. Did a bit of everything and did it pretty effortlessly.

We have 14 turnovers or it would be a complete blowout. Shot 56%, 13 fast break points, 28 points in the paint. Turned them over 18 times. And four dunks; maybe 5, the play by play says TB got an alleyoop but doesn’t say if he dunked it.

Not getting to watch the game today so I cannot be sure, but in previous games many of our turnovers were due to the difference in how traveling is called in FIBA vs the US. In the US you get that half step before the ball dribbles in FIBA you must have that dribble before you step. FIBA seems to watch that very close and enforce it strictly. I think that’s a hard thing to overcome after years of playing in the US. Just saying a game of 23 turnovers could be around 11-12 in the states because it seemed we were guilty of this particular turnover most of the time we had a turnover.

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58-46 Hogs in front at end of 3rd qtr

Live stats say 55-46. Bakken hit a late 3 to cut it to 9.

Was that 14 turnovers in the 1st half? If so, yikes.