Arkansas vs. Austin Peay

I don’t what he’s doing but everytime he gets the ball under the basket instead of going back up strong.he passes it back out!

great to see Desi drill a couple!

20 turnovers normally gets you beat! Trying to be flashy and giving the pumpkin up.
It was nice to see the 3 fall for Harris 2/4. Desi hit 2 I can’t remember how many he took. Jones was 2/4 Joe was 3/10.
If they play this sloppy Saturday they will get beat!
Henderson showed some guts tonight that was nice to see.
Cyllia is a non factor.
A win is win so moving on. I sure hope they play better Saturday.

Absolutely. Jones was driving me crazy passing on open 3s. Had to be at least 4 and maybe 6. What made it worse was he was 2 of 3 from 3 when he was passing on them. Tonight, he was passing on them, driving and turning the ball over.

He loves driving and drawing fouls, which is great because he’s a fantastic free throw shooter. But when he’s hitting his 3s he needs to take those open shots. Especially when he’s turning the ball over while driving.

I love Mason to death, but 6 TOs, sheesh.

I love Masons game tooand I like that he drives the ball to the basket he’s one of the few that we have that will do that but he is too reckless with the ball, in fact our team is to reckless with the ball they try passes that are not very high percentage like bounce passes going through the lane in traffic is a recipe for disaster.
I’m just going to enjoy the wins that we have ,we are very challenged offensively and will probably get beaten pretty good Saturday by Western Kentucky who played Louisville about as good as anybody has.

Help is on the way and the program will be in tremendous shape in a couple years. I love the direction we’re headed.This yr will probably have some ugly games in which were not competitive and I just hope we can have all are committed people sign.

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Sills was 2 for 5 from deep. I’ll take that from him.

I watched some of Indiana’s game. They will be salty.